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About Us

Pastor Jake Letkeman

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Originally from Tillsonburg, Ontario, Pastor Jacob Letkeman married his marvelous wife, Jennie, over 20 years ago. Since then they have had 5 wonderfully interesting children.  After declaring, "I will never move farther north than Toronto," God called him to the small town of Dryden, Ontario, in the middle of nowhere. He has been the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church for 11 years. He now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else; he loves his job and the people he meets. His favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing, helping out at the gun range, and participating in regular teen activities. Pastor Jake is very approachable and will have something new for the conversation if you just need to talk to someone: he can easily talk about a wide range of topics going from gardening to motorcycles to history or things in-between. He has a great relationship with the teens: we do all sorts of fun activities, one of which is bowling (lowest score wins). Pastor is an exceptional bowler, and wins often: we call his favorite winning move, “The Gutter Ball”. All jokes aside, Pastor Jake is one of the kindest, most patient men you will ever meet. We are honoured to call him not only our pastor, but our friend too.


          Your teens

History of Emmanuel Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church is blessed to be serving God's people in Dryden for 53 years and counting. God has given EBC wonderful pastors over the years and has now blessed us with Pastor Jacob Letkeman. 


Emmanuel Baptist Church was originally founded by Pastor Cofield in 1965. Pastors through the years have been:


Pastor Garland and Reba Cofield (1965-1969)
Pastor Wally and Louise Stephenson (1969-1971)
Pastor Frank and Mavis Koop (1971-1973)
Pastor & Mrs. John Clarke (1973-1976)
Pastor Don and Debbie Ohm (1976-1984)
Pastor Archie and Ruth Dyck (1984-1988)
Pastor Milton and Marguerite Johnson (1988-1992)
Pastor Warren and Joyce Webster (1992-1996)
Pastor Chet and Annette Cooper (1996-1997)
Pastor Shawn and Debbie Foster (1997-2004)
Pastor John and Carol Rogers (2006)
Pastor Jake and Jennie Letkeman (2007-Present)

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